А теперь то, что от тебя осталось, может идти.
когда нашел блог со смешными придуманными Мстительными цитатами и вообще не можешь остановиться:laugh::heart:

Tony: What can we do?
Bucky: Let’s kill him!
Tony: That’s your solution to everything.
Bucky: Well, could we just try it once?

Pepper: Dinner was delicious. Good for you, finding a man who knows his way around a kitchen.
Tony: I know my way around a kitchen.
Pepper: I meant cooking, not finding an Oreo in the dark.

Steve: What you’re doing is wrong
Tony: I’m not taking advice from you. You pronounce the ‘g’ in ‘lasagna.’

Peter: Can we have a birthday cake?
Tony: It’s not your birthday.
Peter: The cake won’t know.

Bucky: [to Tony] Would you do me the honor of becoming my brother-in-law?
Steve: Did you just propose to Tony for me?
Bucky: Well, someone had to, Stevie!

Tony: Fucking hell!
Steve: Watch your language!
Tony: … Fucking heck.

Tony: [unbuttoning shirt] God, it’s so hot in there…
Steve: I know that, but why are you unbuttoning my shirt?

Rumlow: Rogers!
Tony: Steve!
Steve: You’re both right.

Tony: Fuck!
Steve: Language!
Tony: English!

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